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Scotland held their first ever international rugby match in 1871 at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh, Scotland (home of the Edinburgh Academy). The match was the Scotland National Team vs. England National team, and Scotland won by 1 goal. Since the 1990's, rugby has grown in popularity and professionalism in Scotland by competing in tournaments such as the Heineken Cup and the Magners League.

Murrayfield Stadium is the largest stadium in Scotland (one of the largest stadiums in the UK) with a seating capacity of 67,144 fans. The Stadium opened in 1925 and hosts rugby competitions like the Calcutta Cup. For visitors, they offer guided tours and free walking tours for rugby fans to experience the stadium beyond watching matches.

Unlike other countries in the United Kingdom, Scotland offers stunning lochs and mountains, peaceful lands filled with sheep herders, bustling cities to relax and eat some haggis, and historic castles and ruins. The highlands are some of the most beautiful areas of Scotland with an abundance of National Parks rich with untouched wilderness. The British Isle's highest summit, Ben Nevis, is located deep in the Scottish highlands. Scotland has many castles that hearken back to the rich history of the nation including the Edinburgh Castle, the Eilean Donan Castle, the Stirling Castle, and more. In addition to these landmarks, the Loch Ness (home of the legendary, mythical sea creature), Melrose Abbey, and Broch of Mousa are not to be missed. 

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Discover Scotland


AM: Spend the morning adventuring on guided tours of the Scottish cities of Carlisle and Gretna GreenEnjoy sites such as Carlisle Castle and the Royal Mile area. Adults may have the opportunity to take a Whiskey tour.

PM: In the evening, play a match against a local Scottish rugby squad.

(Sleep in Edinburgh)

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Scottish Rugby


AM: Explore Scotland's capitol, Edinburgh, on a tour of the city and some free time for souvenir shopping and a visit to the Edinburgh Castle. Make a special visit to the Murrayfield Rugby Stadium for a guided tour of the establishment. 

PM: In the evening, have the possibility of seeing a match at Murrayfield Rugby Staidum or playing a match against another local rugby squad

(Sleep in Edinburgh) 

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Highlands of Scotland 


AM: Today you will visit many of Scotland's famous sites including Loch NessBroch of Mousa, and Melrose Abbey.

PM: In the afternoon, hike around the beautiful Scottish Highlands to see Ben Nevis and the memorable landscape.    

(Sleep in Edinburgh)



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